minor surgical procedures class [week 2 of mod 5]

today in class, we covered the different types of instruments for surgical procedures, autoclaving and scrubbing up for surgery.
i'm really enjoying this mod.
scrubbing up for surgery is pure art! it takes a looooong process to become sterile. and then, you have to have someone put your mask, gown, hat and booties on. it takes awhile.
after our initial introduction, we did some blood draws. i had a new partner today, so i wasn't use to poking her veins. but she had good veins, and on both my attempts i got her vein (and blood) first try, i just popped the tourniquet to soon so i didn't actually draw any blood. :(
but my third partner whom I'm use to, let me draw her blood and i had a successful draw.

drawing blood is still a scary process for me- i've done it several times before, its just that everyone has different veins and you don't want to accidentally poke a tendon.
i'm doing pretty good on my injections- i've got the I.M, SQ, PPD and glute injections down pretty good- but i'll always need practice.

i'm enjoying school- but it is very stressful. if i wasn't working it would be easier for me to manage my time, study and not stress about when i'll get all my homework done.
i'm really excited about becoming and MA, and most likely and RN as well. i'm starting to love the medical field more and more.

xx morg

my medical blog

hi everybody! i decided to make a separate blog for all my educational posts. i have been attending college since august, and i have learned a LOT since then. i still have a few months to go, and i have been wanting to document a lot of what i've been learning and thinking concerning the medical field. i am seriously considering going on tog getting my associates degree as a registered nurse next year. i think this is the field where i want to progress and put roots down.

xx morg